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Welcome to Mindful Change! This blog is written by me – Florence (Flo for short 🙂 ) Scialom – and it’s intention is to explore mindfulness, social change, and the connections between these two topics.

I started regularly practicing mindfulness in 2015, through my local Wake Up group in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I have experienced many personal benefits from my mindfulness practice. These experiences led me to become interested in the impact of mindfulness on wider social change, and, more broadly, the connections between inner and outer transformation.

One outcome of my interest in this area was a trip to Bhutan, the country where they use Gross National Happiness (GNH) to measure their societal progress. This was an amazing experience, and helped me to see a solid practical example of mindfulness and happiness being deeply linked to wider social change and progress. I am keen to continue exploring these types of examples, both those inspired by GNH and those simply motivated by a desire to create more happiness and wellbeing in wider society.

I work as Communications Manager at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW); all views shared here are my own, though I sometimes gain blogging inspiration through my work at NOW. I hold an MA in Anthropology and Development from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and this is where my broader interest in wellbeing and social change began. My MA thesis is available online, so I’ll leave the link here just in case of interest: Embodying Economic Change: De-growth and Localisation Practices in Totnes, United Kingdom.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Flo 🙂

PS If you’d like, you can also connect with me on Instagram via @MindfulChange and @Flo_Sci.


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